Three advertisements on Maarktplaats. Each one consists of a brief and dry description of the 2nd hand product for sale (state and technical specifications) and three photos of the product with a naked or semi-naked woman.

Sex sells. Sex and nudity are constantly used in advertising to draw attention to a particular product in order to sell it. Advertisers hope that subconciously some of the sex-apeal or glamour from the advertisements they use will get attached to the brand and to the image of the product in the consummer's mind.

Flesh on display. We see these ads everywhere: on tv, in cinemas, on huge ad boards, in magazines... They also teach us about stereotypes, roles and beauty standards. This use of sex and nudity in ads can go from extremely subtle and suggestive to highly explicit (lately even reminding us of pornography). The objectification of the body can put most average women/men under a lot of stress, because of the high expectations it creates of our physical aspects. This objectification also shapes our concept and image of how a 'perfect' body should look, and these images tend to be unrealistic photoshoped fake bodies, which create even more frustration in the impossibility of reaching that goal for any normal person.

I chose to make this work on Marktplaats because Marktplaats and ebay are some of the main online market-places that commercial companies haven't yet got their hands on. One of the reasons for this is that originaly these webpages were made to sell second-hand products. If an individual is selling an object, instead of a big company selling a product, the individual will put less effort or no effort at all into marketing and trying to decorate the product, even less in creating an image or a lifestile for a brand. Therefore the photos of the products that we find in Marktplaats are much more honest and home made, where the seller will show the product in a completely dry and practical way in order to sell it.