Timeline Amsterdam

Posted on Nov. 12, 2010, 8:51 p.m.

Time line Amsterdam,

15:00 – Box is arriving to central station to start the trip. Internet connection is lost. We don't recover it anymore so we loose the remote control too. The only solution is to bring the box back and open it.

15:05 – Anouncement: The Hitchhiking project will start with delay due to mobile internet problems. We will start as soon as possible.

16:00 – Everything working again, we start now streaming. The itinerary is changed in order to start as soon as possible. The box will try to hitchhike from Zuidas to Rozengracht.

16:07 – We lost internet connection again, while a worker from the train station had kidnap us and was taking us to lost and found objects. Are we gonna wake up in a dark cupboard?

16:16 – We recover connection, and we are in the middle of a square, don't know how we got there, though. Some women in white help us finding a ride. 3 school girls that study in Spinoza Lyceum offer to take us to the center. We take the tram.

16:25 – Connection lost short after entering in the tram. We don't recover it anymore. No GPS coordinates arriving. Remote control also lost.

16:28- I start reporting in IRC and Facebook:

The box got lost! After starting our trip, nearly getting dropped in lost and found objects in a train station, got with 3 girls in a tram... The fucking internet in Holland left us. Anybody that finds a cute box with screen and speakers on the streets, please, report to us! I will keep you updated.

17:04 – We are getting GPS coordinates. The box was in Centraal Station and it's now in the Ruyterkade.

17:05- A rescue team is organized from Rozengracht to go around Centraal Station to look for the box. Christo is also heading there with the scooter.

17:10 - nervous.

17:29- We recive the following message in Facebook:
Bas van der Drift:
hi maria, i've got your suitcase but the skype connection seems to be down. I'm near amsterdam central station right now, it will be brought to the rozengracht tonight after the party here is over, hope we can get it online before that time :p . You can contact me at +31.6XXXXXXXX if you'd like. Greetings, Bas.

17:30 - How did Bas found out about me or the project? Christo is going to meet him in Hostnet, Ruyterkade 6, 2nd floor, and get the box back, as continuing with the trip is not possible anymore for today.

18:06- The box arrives in perfectly state back to Zuidas, the Casual Friday radio show starts. Thanks a lot Bas, R and Christo, I'm looking forward to hear the story.

A really fucked up internet mobile connection has turn our trip into an exciting adventure.

P.S. Four days later I receive the following mail from Bas:

Hi Maria!

Receiving the suitcase was a rather strange experience, though it was fun too. I think I actually saw you for a second or two on the screen before the connection dropped. Reading the narrative on the website was fun too :-)

The three girls you mention approached me in tram 5, near Amsterdam Zuid/WTC. They asked if I was able to take it to the Central Station, and find someone there who could take it to the Rozengracht. After they explained the idea behind this project, they handed it over and got out of the tram, so they left me with a funny suitcase which didn't respond to my manic attempts at conversation with it. The suitcase and I got some strange looks during the trip to Central Station.

Before the incident in the tram I'd never heard about anything like this. Of course the concept of both a briefcase and Skype were known to me, but the combination was new. It's a funny way to converse with random people, and a pretty interesting project.

I was going to have coffee with a coworker (Floris) before we had a party, given by Hostnet (the webhosting company we both work for) because of this year's succes. He thought it was a funny concept too, and after explaining the idea and destination to him, he decided to call a friend who's into this kind of stuff. His friend had heard about this concept, and he decided to Google it to see if he could find anything. Because he couldn't find anything quickly, Floris and I decided to take it to Hostnet, so we could maybe fix the connection and take the suitcase to the party. A lot of geeky people work at Hostnet, so they'd probably find it an interesting object to talk to while drunk.

After arriving at Hostnet and handing over the suitcase to the supergeeks who thought they might be able to restore the connection, we decided to Google for something like 'suitcase hitchhiking project amsterdam' after which the project page showed up, with your name on it. The chatfunction there didn't really net us a reply to our emergency call for the suitcase, so we decided to continue the quest to your Facebook page. A message there did get us a quick reply :-) That was nice.

The Ruyterkade is where Hostnet is located. After gathering on the workfloor we'd be going to a partyboat on the IJ, which would be sailing to the IJsselmeer and back with drinks and food and music. Was a fun night.

After checking the insides of the suitcase, it seemed like there was a netbook inside. We figured it'd be a pretty risky thing to send a netbook into the wild without any form of tracking, and after checking the site we actually found a Google Maps plot of the trip. Surprisingly accurate :-).

Attached you can find a picture of me holding the suitcase, hehe. Nevermind the maniacal look on my face, it's just such a nice suitcase.

I'll check the website for updates, would be fun to read more! Also you mentioned me deserving a beer. Being a student I don't turn beers down, ever, so when and where? ;D

Kind regards,


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